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GraphUp - Start Trading and Investing

✔️ Buy and sell stocks with sheer convenience

✔️ Open a free online trading account with GraphUp

✔️ Start investing at your convenience ease with GraphUp 

CapitPlan - Start Investing with Mutual Funds

✔️ Invest with our mutual fund investing app

✔️ Start investing in mutual funds with easy monthly SIPs

✔️ Browse through the best companies and places to invest in

GraphUp API - Start Algorithm based Trading

✔️ Real time & historical data API for trading

✔️ Unlimited access to stock market data APIs

✔️ Get customized API bridges with our API for algorithmic trading

TradeCross - Start Investing in Global Stocks

✔️ Invest in more than 3000 stocks all over the world

✔️ Free and easy account global account opening

✔️ Start investing with as low as $1

PriMarket - Start bidding in IPOs

✔️ Be the first one to invest in IPOs

✔️ Start investing in IPOs as soon as they are released

✔️ Get prior news and updates about all the upcoming IPOs

Deck - An investment portfolio tracker

✔️ Monitor your investments in a single place

✔️ A stock tracking platform built for your convenience

✔️ A comprehensive investment portfolio tracker

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