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Why invest in Mutual Funds?

Meant for everybody

Whether you want to start saving for your retirement or start saving early, mutual funds are for you

Flexible payment plans

Start investing in mutual funds on a one-time basis or a monthly basis with as low as ₹500

High liquidity

With easy buying and selling, mutual funds allow superior liquidity as compared to the rest of the instruments.

Our mutual funds platform

An intuitive mutual fund investing app. Built for your convenience.

Superfast, Simple & Minimalistic process

Easy and paperless onboarding with one-time KYC registration.

Multiple investing options and frequencies

Start your monthly or one-time SIP, STP, SWP with MoneyIsle.

Easy analysis of mutual funds

Monitor the past performance of funds and find the best places to invest in

Advanced tools that you can use

Enjoy “Goal-based planning” and “Risk profiling” and find funds meant for every goal

Mutual Funds tailored to your goals...

Buy into mutual funds, instantly

No verifications required to buy/sell into mutual funds. Enjoy investing in funds you find suitable for yourself right away

Easy Monthly SIPs

You can plan on investing a lump sum amount at once, or automate your investments with monthly SIPs

We help you invest in what you love

Easiest account opening

Opening an account at MoneyIsle is paperless, easy, and aimed at your convenience. Who doesn't like that?

Improve your personal financing

Get disciplined with your money by investing at the right places in the right amounts.

An intimate community experience

Served with multiple resources including blogs, weekly newsletters, webinars and multiple resourceful strategies

All your investments at one place

Whether you want CapitPlan on Android or iOS, we’re available everywhere

  • Real-time Tracking – We allow you to keep a track of all your investments from a single app
  • In Sync – You can keep investing while we sync your data through all devices you use

Frequently Asked Questions

CapitPlan is a order placement platform that lets you purchase, redeem and switch mutual funds online in complete paperless fashion. You can access your Mutual Funds, Insurance, Stocks, Bonds, PPF, FD etc. all in one place.

You can start investing in mutual funds easily even if you are a student above 18 years of age. You can invest in direct mutual funds plans or regular plans through MoneyIsle.

A Demat account isn’t necessary to start investing in mutual funds.

Investing in mutual funds could be done in two ways –

Lump sum – invest in one go

SIP – invest a predetermined amount at a regular interval

Lump sum/SIP Investment consists of Minimum initial investment amount – minimum amount you need to invest in a mutual fund scheme for the first time you invest.

Minimum additional purchase amount – minimum amount you need to invest in all subsequent investment for the selected mutual fund scheme.

Once you have searched and decided on the mutual fund scheme to invest in, you can click on One time or SIP, select the investment amount to open the order window and click on proceed to submit the order.

If the order has been placed before the cut off period (1:30 pm), then the units will be allotted at that day’s NAV, the day which the order was placed and executed.

If the order has been placed after the cut off period, then the units will be allotted at the next working day’s NAV – as the order will get executed the next working day.

Currently, we are not allowing mutual funds to pledge for collaterals.

A Switch is simply redeeming one fund and purchasing other within the same AMC. You can switch between the two schemes by selecting one scheme and simultaneously selecting another with options available for all units, partial units or amount.

If your mutual fund holdings are in physical form, you can send us a request email at for any change in nominee details.

If your mutual fund holdings are in demat form, the nomination applicable for your demat account will be applicable for your mutual fund holdings as well. For any change in nominee details, you can login to our reKYC platform and update the same.

Your login credentials for CapitPlan weblogin will be the same as your CapitPlan mobile app. You would have received an email with your login credentials when you would have onboarded on CapitPlan mobile app.

For mobile app security, there are three ways to relogin your mobile app ie 4-digit Pin, Pattern lock and Fingerprint.

To view the order/ transaction history, go to the menu section and click on ‘My orders’. You can view all your orders ie. Purchase, Redeem, Switch, SIP, Failed etc.