Algorithm based trading made simple by GraphUp API

✔️ Real time & historical data API for trading

✔️ Unlimited access to stock market data APIs

✔️ Get customized API bridges with our API for algorithmic trading

Our Stock Trading API Platform

An intuitive algorithm-based trading platform. Built for your convenience.

Real time data tracking with GraphUp API

Witness every trade quote happening in real time

Transparent pricing across all stocks

Retrieve stock data directly from the source without any middlemen

Automate your investment strategies

Our API trading platform lets you develop & automate your own trading strategies

Easy integration with GraphUp

Integrate your investment strategies with our trading platform (GraphUp) for a personalised experience.

Investments tailored to your goals...

Third Party Integration

Integrate your GraphUp trading platform with any third-party applications with GraphUp API, allowing you to automate strategies and execute algo-based trading.

Insightful analytics

Manage and monitor all algo-trading-related activities, all topped with a world-class security, ensuring a smooth investment experience.

Build your own trading terminal

Paperless account opening

Opening an account at MoneyIsle is paperless, easy, and aimed at your convenience. Who doesn't like that?

Error free trading

Algo-trades made with GraphUp API are done by computers, exempting you from accidental human errors.

An intimate community experience

Served with multiple resources including blogs, weekly newsletters, webinars and multiple resourceful strategies

All your investments at one place

Integrated to our trading platform GraphUp, you can access GraphUp API across mobile and desktop screens

  • Real-time Tracking – We allow you to keep a track of all your investments from a single app
  • In Sync – You can keep investing while we sync your data through all devices you use

Frequently Asked Questions

GraphUp API is a REST based Trading API. Our REST API will help you develop your own trading platform and integrate it with our GraphUp Web and Mobile Application. Using our REST API, you can execute orders in real time, monitor your positions and much more. This computers programme will follow a defined set of instructions for placing a trade in order to generate profits at a speed and frequency that is impossible for a human trader. While you can build your own algorithm and deploy it to generate buy or sell signals, Manual intervention is needed for placing orders as full automation is not permitted for retail traders.
Swing APIs are ideal for advanced traders or investor. They can wish to create their own customized trading platform, deploy innovative trading strategies or align specific trading logic or requirements.
Please call our support team at 011-43500301 or email us at We will help you integrate GraphUp API with your Algo trading system.
We have partnered with reputed fintech startups for integrating the GraphUp API. They will help you to code your strategies and integrate with GraphUp API. Graph Up is compatible with all the major programming languages. Please note that MoneyIsle, as a stock broker, does not provide any trading strategies. They need to be completely developed and owned by the client.

GraphUp API is available to all the retailer/ non-retailer users for Rs. 1,500/- per month.