Are you impulse buying at IKEA more than you should?

If you have ever shopped from IKEA, you’d know that there are more than a few instances when you have ended up purchasing something you didn’t intend to originally.


But why do we end up buying more things at IKEA in the first place?


When we talked about you overspending at every shopping mall, we mentioned how these closed spaces encourage you to shop more. With certain smells, music, and lighting, we are attracted to buying more than we need.


However, IKEA, on the other hand, leverages a few different factors to make you purchase more items. These include


The DIY-assembly

IKEA is known for its DIY products. 


Assembling things on your own is more preferred by customers over pre-assembled items, something that IKEA takes full advantage of.


Since it’s easier for you to transport parts of furniture than an assembled piece, you have more space for experiments and carrying more stuff with you. 


The locations of the stores

IKEA doesn’t establish its stores within the city. Why? Because they don’t want these stores to be more accessible.


Keeping your stores outside the city means that the consumers would have to commit to making a decision of buying more because they don’t visit the store often.


Obviously, you won’t travel this far to just buy a single utensil.


That’s why people have long lists of things to buy prepared beforehand so that they can buy it all at IKEA.


The massive space

On average, the size of the IKEA malls is more than five football fields.


At the end of the day, most consumers end up walking more than a mile in the store. To reward yourself, you’d often stop at different places to check out certain things that interest you.


Quite possibly, people also make small purchases along the way till they reach the section they are planning to buy stuff at.


Tummy refuel

How many times we have just wanted to get out of a store and find a place to eat?


IKEA solves this problem by keeping in-house cafes and eateries where customers can sit down, spend some time and eat as well.


Because of these factors, there is a good influence on your purchasing decisions by IKEA. So the next time you shop, remember to buy what you want first! 😉

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