How are you overspending at every shopping mall?

Everybody loves shopping malls. What’s not to like? The lights, the people, the somber music playing in one of the stores, and the smell of fresh clothes and food. Everybody loves that.


But do you know what else malls smell of? The freshly burnt cash that you overspend on them.


In fact, 87% of consumers at the mall make impulse purchases and spend way more money than they should.


With hundreds of ways to make you spend more money and putting the notion in your head that you have saved money, malls are more clever than we think.


Let us explain.


Have you noticed that there is not a single clock in a mall you ever visit? Or how about the beautiful Aerosmith or Justin Bieber music that puts you in a good mood? Okay, how about the fragrance of each store you skim through?


All these factors combined put you in a relaxing mood with less consideration of time and more of ‘exploring’ the entire mall.


Imagine you have gone to the departmental store that’s placed right there in the mall. You have a list of things to buy and you’re planning to stick to that list. Great. But then suddenly, you look at that fancy box of cards or the earbuds that aren’t on that list. Of course, there’s some wiggling room, right? So you pick up that box and you purchase it. And you purchase more than you should, probably even for the next month, because who loves to buy things, again and again, right? You might even save money this way.


Of course, you won’t mind shopping a ‘little’ more. A few thousand bucks, is not a big deal, right?


Talking about the music, different stores play a different genres of music to appeal to your certain emotions. Some keep you in longer, while others appeal to you to purchase more, kind of like a gym where you feel motivated to work out more by listening to loud music.


Overall, these things pretty much make you spend more, yet you don’t mind it, because hey, these are some of the simplest joys we give ourselves as adults.


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