Is education loan the best method in India?

Applying for an education loan makes sense, doesn’t it?   It’s a fair trade after all – you borrow a loan to learn something for whatever years and start paying it back gradually.   Let’s be honest – Indian education is expensive. The ‘Student of the Year-like’ colleges that we see in Bollywood are expensive […]

Are Stocks Assets or Liabilities – An Analysis

stocks asstes or liabilities

A prudent investor in the stock exchange must know the difference between an asset and a liability.   A company has assets. They are the things whose value increases with the passage of time. On the other hand, a company’s liabilities are debts that must be honored and cleared as early as possible.    Depending […]

Bisleri – The perfect candidate with gaps in its resume


How many times has it been that you have bought a ₹10 or ₹20 water bottle? And why is it that 90% of the time is it a bottle of water turned out to be manufactured by Bisleri? Most of us consider water as synonymous with Bisleri. In fact, the name is so popular that […]

Where are the tech IPOs?

tech ipos

At the start of this year, we reached out to you with some news.    This news was that companies like boAt and PharmEasy were all geared up to announce their IPOs. Fast forward to now, there is still no word from any of these companies as to when (or if) they would even release […]

7 reasons you may get an income tax notice in 2023

reasons you can get an income tax notice

An Income Tax notice is basically a written letter from the Income Tax department of India to a taxpayer informing them about issues with their tax account.    The notice can be sent for multiple reasons, like  requesting certain information about the taxpayer, or  if the person has failed to file an income tax return, […]

10 best textile stocks rapidly growing in India

best textile stocks to invest in

Foreign investors prefer our textile industry due to its adaptability. Additionally, after agriculture, the Indian textile industry is the largest recruiter and employs approximately 4.5 billion people across India. Today the industry is worth about 2% of India’s GDP and 11.4% of exports.   With an expected growth of 2.5x in the coming 5 to […]

Is China undergoing an economic crisis?

china economic downfall

What’s common between Uber, China, and WeWork? All these entities seem to be undergoing a drastic financial turmoil, one that has been affecting the entire economy of the world.   China’s economy is in trouble right now. The national and international debt is at an all-time high and the Chinese government is delaying the issuance […]

The anomalies of a tax haven | Explained

understanding tax havens

A tax haven is an offshore financial center like a country or a place that allows foreign businesses, individuals, and companies to store their funds with minimum or no tax liability.   These centers offer an economically stable environment where outsiders can easily set up businesses. However, these places are also quite secretive and do […]