Why is suddenly everybody investing young?

If you are an avid user of Instagram and Facebook, there are a lot of chances you’d have come across teens sharing their portfolios worth lakhs of rupees. And surprisingly, as ‘immature’ as the #notfinancialadvice sounds, the truth is that teens now are gradually understanding more about investing than ever before.


Call it the influence of the internet, the influencers, or a general fear of missing out, investing sure is gaining more traction with each passing day.


Back at the time when the internet and online trading weren’t that popular, investing was a concept that a regular person would try to stay away from. In fact, saving your money in a bank was considered to be the safest and most reliable option.


Fast forward to now, the concept of financial freedom has gained so much popularity that almost everybody wants to build a profitable portfolio.


So how does it influence the future of stock markets?


A primary consequence of the same is diversification. Because of diversification, people have more places to invest at. That’s why we’re witnessing such growth in global investing, cryptocurrency, and NFTs.


Because of this popularity of assets, people have more places to invest and gain profits from. This is why everybody is trying to hop on the bandwagon of investing early just so they could seize the raw opportunities right out of the gate.


Most importantly, we seem to turn back to the fundamentals of making money which is by making your money work for you. Due to the increasing global inflation, everybody is slowly realizing that storing your money in banks merely isn’t enough to ‘make your money work’. Making your money work is a popular concept because of how profitable it could be in the long run. 


The reasons, as well as the benefits of investing young, is a very beneficial concept for people to learn more about their financials from a young age. 


We at MoneyIsle have always endorsed the same. Anybody that wants to get started investing young and build a thriving portfolio for their future can easily start with the easiest option i.e. investing in mutual funds. If you feel ready for the same, you can go ahead and check out our platform CapitPlan to start investing in mutual funds right away.

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