Why are the new iPhones being made in India?

Believe it or not, all the new iPhone 14’s were/are made in India. And even though this is something India can be really proud of, it still begs the question – what made Apple suddenly choose India for the production of its phones in the first place?


It’s almost a no-brainer that China and the West are witnessing geopolitical tension right now. Not to mention the growing tensions in the affairs across the globe because of many reasons.


While the reasons aren’t relevant right now, what matters is companies right now find it more than important to have backup facility options in other countries and not just rely on China for the most part of their business.


And surprisingly enough, even Apple started to witness the creeping fear of a single-dependency on a country.


That’s why the first time in history, Apple moved its production operations OUTSIDE of China, something which it wasn’t comfortable doing before.


Talking about India, the production of these iPhones are being done by Foxconn’s plant, which is located in Tamil Nadu.


India has definitely participated in the manufacturing of iPhones before – the iPhone 11 in particular. However, with the iPhone 14, the production was done in India from day 1.


And surprisingly enough, even though the phones are being made in India specifically, we still haven’t witnessed a drop-down in the costs ‘yet’. While there could be many reasons for it, a common reason seems like this decision of producing iPhones in India might not be permanent. 


Only time will tell.


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