How to make money as a teenager in India?

How to make money as a teenager in India

Earning money as a teenager in India wasn’t a real thing in India as it was in foreign countries earlier. But now a lot of teenagers, if not the majority, are earning money in their teenage years. 


You might be thinking about how to make money as a teenager if you don’t have any practical knowledge about the subjects that you are studying in your academics or haven’t graduated in any major/minor subject. 


In this article, we’ll help you understand some common ways that will help earn money online as a teenager but also help you sharpen your skills and help earn passive income when you grow older. 

Ways to make money for teenagers

1. Freelancing

One of the gigs that are done from home to earn money online for teenagers is freelancing. It’s something that has been existing for a long time but became much more popular since the pandemic. 


As most people were at home, they used their simple yet useful skills to work by using freelancing. Freelancing does not require any kind of age requirement and hence can be easily done by a teenager in whichever skill he/she has an interest in.


It can be easily done from remote places and won’t hamper your daily routine as well. The amount of flexibility and ease it comes with is what makes freelancing so much more popular. If you want to start earning money online as a teenager you can go ahead with freelancing as your first choice.


Some of the skills that you can explore according to your interest are content writing, video editing, design, app development, copywriting, etc. Some of the websites where you can start registering yourself are freelance workers, freelancer, Upwork, Chegg India, Fiverr, freelance India, etc. You might find the tough competition on some of these sites but consistency and patience will take you forward in your freelancing journey.


2. Graphic Designing

If any teenager has any interest in designing art or has an artist’s perspective then you can give graphic designing a chance as well. 


As the world is moving to everything digital, graphic designing has been booming more than ever. You can start by learning through YouTube or some courses on Graphic design at very affordable prices.


Upskilling using digital platform courses can be useful in terms of earning potential as a graphic designer and help to earn money online for teenagers. Teenagers can even try print on demand which has been quite popular by designing different merchandise such as t-shirts, mugs, pillows, and notebooks with your design and selling them.


3. Influencer and personal branding

Nowadays, the majority of teenagers and youth are present on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. You must be often seeing teenagers making reels or youtube shorts to showcase different trends and talents on these platforms. 


These platforms are highly being used as a medium to promote stuff and influencers are being paid by brands to promote them. Their work might include promoting brands, affiliate marketing, selling things, and generating revenue through it. To make money out of influencing you to need consistency and an engaged audience. 


Affiliate marketing plays a vital role in Influencers’ lives as it is one of the widespread techniques that has been used during sales revenues for a long time. By being an affiliate marketer you can earn as a teenager by getting a commission every time you sell a company’s product. This is a basic strategy used by brands on social media through branding and digital marketing. 


Youtube videos have been a booming industry for quite some time now. People are earning quite a decent amount from youtube. You can choose any field of your choice to become a YouTuber or influence. These fields include beauty, travel, finances, fitness, stocks, etc. 


4. Stock market

Teenagers can always start trading/ investing. Investment in the stock market should be taught in the early years so that it’s a habit that is being cultivated. Teenagers can earn within stock markets if they have the right financial guidance and basic knowledge. These profits might be small but will help them learn valuable lessons throughout their journey. 


Investing as a teenager will give you an advantage over a lot of things. It will help you earn lucrative profits as you’ll have the time to pass the volatility of the market. It will massively impact your financial life ahead as well as provide you with skills and money to earn in your teenage years as well. 


Investing in your early years will help you become financially smarter and understand what works for you and what does not. You can easily start investing right here at MoneyIsle as well.


5. Online Teaching

Online classes have been high in demand since the pandemic and have created earning opportunities all around the globe. 


If you have the expertise you can use that to earn money as a teenager. There are several platforms where you can apply and start your online teaching journey. It is considered a feasible way to make money for teenagers as it can be managed with their studies as well. 


Make sure that you are well aware of the subject and are continuously doing your research as well to make your knowledge in the skill depth. This will help you earn more as you grow as an online teacher by providing quality teaching. 


Financial independence can help you in your journey by becoming confident and financially aware of the environment. Teenagers can benefit in various ways if they start earning at a young age. A teenager grows and learns habits such as time management, discipline, financial knowledge, consistency, patience, etc.  


You as a teenager might be looking to earn money at this young age due to financial matters or simply because you want to start early which is always a good idea if you have the passion for it. 


The right skills can help teenagers earn money online as well as add in-depth knowledge and experience which will come to good use once they grow up.

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