5 Best student credit travel cards

best student credit cards

A forex card is a prepaid card that can be used in foreign countries to pay for your expenses or withdraw money from ATMs. 


They are widely accepted in most countries. Forex cards offer currency change depending on the country you are using them in. Different banks provide their forex cards with various benefits, which technically makes them the best travel cards to carry for Indian students.


Some of the Forex cards do have an advantage over the other cards and the insurance that it provides is its travel policy and perks. This is one of the key features that help students in traveling across different countries. 


Let’s discuss the top 5 forex cards for Indian students. 

1. HDFC ISIC Student Forex Plus Card

The HDFC Bank ISIC Student ForexPlus Card is available in 3 major currencies USD, GBP, and EURO. 


It is accepted as a student identity across countries and also allows you to withdraw money in the desired local currency. 


Apart from its basic features, It also allows you multiple benefits through its forex card. Students can use prepaid net banking to reload their forex cards from any location at ease. It is being used at all the leading establishments across the globe which are affiliated with VISA or Mastercard.


The HDFC Bank ISIC Student ForexPlus Card provides amazing insurance covers which come complimentary to the card. 


This insurance offers protection against various counterfeit and skimming, air accident, road or rail accident, loss of documents, loss of checked-in baggage, loss of cash in transit, etc.


Students traveling can also enjoy perks and discounts on accommodations, food, books, shopping, travel, and so on in around 130 countries across 41,000 partners.


Schedule of charges

Charge for the USD Card


Issuance Fee



Reload Fee



Re-issue Card Fee



ATM Cash Withdrawal

USD 2.00


Balance Enquiry

USD 0.50


2. ICICI Student Forex Card

ICICI credit card charges a 3.5% currency conversion fee. It can be loaded in 15 currencies and has a higher atm cash withdrawal limit of $2000. Students also get free ISIC membership with the card which offers discounts on books, accommodation, shopping, and travel within 130 countries. 


You also get benefits such as a 40% discount on excess baggage & 20% discount on courier service by DHL. Apart from this, Card Protection Plus insurance worth Rs 1,600 is also included. 


You also get the benefits of insurance with the ICICI student forex card which covers Rs 5 lakh in case of fraud activity. On card loss or damage there is a cover-up of Rs80,000.

3. SBI VISA Travel Card

SBI visa travel card is a decent credit card that can be used by students. It comes with a minimum load of 200 USD on the forex card to activate it. 


It has a daily ATM withdrawal limit of $3000. Students can spend up to $5000/per day on POS/online transactions. 


Comparatively, SBI has a lower ATM withdrawal and reloads fee than HDFC or ICICI forex student cards. 


There is a 3% currency conversion fee on SBI forex card usage. It has 8 major currencies available. The major features include the vast global presence and the insurance coverage of up to 3 lakh that comes with it as a benefit.

4. Yes Bank Travel Card

The Yes Bank Travel Card can be used widely in the world in more than 21.4 million merchant outlets that accept MasterCard and in over 1.9 million Mastercard network ATMs. 


It has dedicated toll-free support numbers for majorly 4 countries, the UK, USA, Canada, and UAE. 


Yes bank provides a slightly lower conversion rate in comparison to the majority of forex cards. It also provides an insurance cover of up to Rs 3,00,000/-. The card is valid for 2 years and can be reloaded multiple times and then used during a person’s foreign trips.

5. Thomas Cook One Currency Card

Thomas cook one currency card is one of the top cards for student travel in India. 


It comes with some key benefits like zero currency conversion fee, no annual fee, up to $10,000 as insurance cover, and also a single USD currency that is widely accepted. 


One currency card has its features like the cash withdrawal at Allpoint ATMs is free but on the other ATM, it charges $2. 


Students do not need to depend on their family member to deposit money on their forex card and can do it on through the online portal. 


To sum up, students need to consider a lot of factors before they choose a particular Forex travel card. 


This can include currency conversion fees, reload fees, annual fees, inactivity fees, card reissue fees, issuance fees, etc. Multiple fees are applied when a student gets their forex travel card. 


Without the correct and full knowledge, one can end up spending a huge chunk of money only on the extra charges that are applied. 

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