Learn the power of Mutual Funds and how you could inevitably benefit from them in the long run

Leverage the right strategies to start investing in mutual funds the right way from an early age. Find the right time to get in and harness the maximum potential from your investments

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 AUGUST 28TH, 2022 – 11 AM

The highlights of our program

A comprehensive introduction to mutual funds

Start investing from a very young age

Learn how to invest and save at the same time

Find out how to harness the maximum potential from mutual funds

Learn how to build a financial discipline

Learn how to start saving for your future

Learn how to find the 'low-risk' companies

Understanding investing vs saving - What suits you better?

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Meet your Instructor

Ms. Writika Bhowmick currently is a professor of Aptitude and Communications at the Pune Institute of Business Management.


She specialized in English and Psychology.


Having trained over 2000+ students all across the globe in 4.5 years of career, Ms. Writika is also a personal financial coach that teaches the fundamentals of investing to students regularly. 


She is also a licensed executive leadership and organizational development coach.