How is MoneyIsle making every youngster finance-savvy?

Investing has come a long way from how it was a few years ago. Due to the lack of knowledge and source to gather information from, many of our previous generations stayed away from investment options such as equities or even mutual funds. While conservative investment options were useful to a certain extent, their returns often failed to meet the rising inflation rates.


The scenario is completely different today. More and more people are aware of different investment options, and there is plenty of information available on the internet about the options available.


But this generation faces a completely different battle – complexity. Information about these investment options is most often riddled with jargon. Getting started on your investment is also proving to be difficult for some due to how these options are designed. 


But Moneyisle is made to conquer this. The simplicity and transparency Moneyisle provides enable investors to be finance-savvy. Let us learn how.

What is Moneyisle?

Moneyisle is a comprehensive platform where you can invest in different securities in. It cuts down your job of having to rely on different platforms for your different investments. Rather, Moneyisle can be the hub of all your investments. Let see explore the investment options you have with Moneyilse and see how we work. 



A stock is a unit of ownership in a company. The market value of a company’s stock is divided into individual shares. When you invest in a public company by purchasing shares, you effectively become a minority shareholder in that company.

Although stock market volatility is substantially higher than that of cash and bonds, over the long run, equity investments often beat both. There’s a chance that you may do better in cash or bonds if we had a shorter time horizon for our investments. However, equities are more likely to be a good long-term investment (i.e., seven years or more).


With Moneyisle, you don’t need to depend on multiple platforms for your investing needs, such as demat or trading accounts. Moneyisle provides you with all the necessary services within the platform form itself. Moneyisle’s GraphUp platform helps you get started with a free trading account online. The onboarding process is swift and can be completed in a matter of seconds. GraphUp also has an interactive and comprehensive analytical platform to provide users with easy trading and analysis experience. 


Mutual funds

Investing in a mutual fund is similar to investing in a stock or bond. Each mutual fund vehicle is a pool of funds managed by competent professionals. Mutual fund plans are a popular choice for investors. Mutual fund schemes may provide wealth-building options for regular investors due to their exposure to extensive market risk.


Moneyisle makes investing in mutual funds extremely easy by using CapitPlan, an exclusive mutual fund platform for Moneyisle users. It helps you invest in the mutual fund of your choice the way you want. If you want to create a corpus from monthly investments, you may choose to invest through easy SIP options. At the same time, if you want to invest in a lumpsum, CapitPlan helps you with the same as well. All your transactions through CapitPlan are protected using multilayered securities protocol to ensure zero risk. 


CapitPlan incorporates a huge number of AMCs in India so that you can compare and choose exactly what works for you. The CapitPlan interface also flaunts comprehensive information about all the fund choices you have. 


But CapitPlan is not limited to mutual funds alone. You can choose and invest from various options, including bonds, corporate FDs, etc.


Initial public offerings

IPO refers to the first time shares of a company’s stock are sold to the general public.   An initial public offering (IPO) is an option for companies of any age, from those just starting out to those that have been around for decades. By selling all or a portion of their private shares in the IPO, corporate insiders may diversify their holdings and provide liquidity, or the company might use the proceeds to pay off debts, support development plans, or increase its public image.


You may get in on the “ground floor” of a rapidly expanding company by purchasing shares at its initial public offering. If you’re looking for quick money, an IPO might be your ticket. The potential long-term financial benefits are another attractive selling point.

Let’s say you decide to back a new startup that’s selling game-changing innovation. If it succeeds in moving the market and generating revenue, you stand to benefit as well.


Many investors stay away from IPOs owing to an investing process that can get complex. But with PriMarket, MoneyIsle’s official IPO bidding platform, investing is easy as ABC! 


PriMarket allows you to find and invest in IPOs of your choice. Investing is made easy with a variety of payment options, including UPI. The platform offers easy tracking of your IPO applications as well. 


International stocks

The ability to spread risk over a wider range of investments is a major plus of investing in foreign markets.  Put your money to work in many investment vehicles across different geographical areas to spread out your risk.

Since economic conditions in different countries tend to be uncorrelated, a downturn in one nation’s economy will have little effect on your investment portfolio. Your portfolio will be protected from the ups and downs of the market thanks to diversification.


Ensure you make the best out of global markets with TradeCross, MoneyIsle’s official global investing platform. Moneyisle gives you the ability to open a free and simple global account and assists you in beginning investment with any sum. You may purchase a share of any public company of your choice for as little as one dollar.


How to sign up at Moneyisle?

Signing up at Moneyisle to enjoy all the above features is easy. All you have to do is go to and click on the signup button. You then need to provide your mobile phone number and enter the OTP. You will have to complete the KYC and registration process afterward. Keeping the below documents handy can help you speed up the process.


  1. PAN
  2. Bank Proof (Cancelled cheque/ Passbook Front Page)
  3. Signature (Should match the one on PAN)
  4. Income Proof (Bank Statement/ Demat Holdings Statement/ Income Tax Return)
  5. Copy of Self Photograph
  6. Copy of Aadhaar
  7. Nominee Proof (Pan/Aadhar/Voter Id/Driving Licence/Passport)


Accesilbiy plays a big role in the inclusion of youngsters in the investing space. MoneyIsle does exactly that. By providing a platform where investing is easy, it attracts more and more youngsters to the investment space. 

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