7 reasons you may get an income tax notice in 2023

reasons you can get an income tax notice

An Income Tax notice is basically a written letter from the Income Tax department of India to a taxpayer informing them about issues with their tax account.    The notice can be sent for multiple reasons, like  requesting certain information about the taxpayer, or  if the person has failed to file an income tax return, […]

10 best textile stocks rapidly growing in India

best textile stocks to invest in

Foreign investors prefer our textile industry due to its adaptability. Additionally, after agriculture, the Indian textile industry is the largest recruiter and employs approximately 4.5 billion people across India. Today the industry is worth about 2% of India’s GDP and 11.4% of exports.   With an expected growth of 2.5x in the coming 5 to […]

4 reasons your personal loan application is getting rejected

loan application rejected

With the amount of feasibility and convenience attached to borrowing a personal loan now, it seems very surprising how certain banks or vendors can reject your personal loan applications.   Over the last few years, banks and financial institutions have made it really easy to acquire a personal loan. Whether you need it for certain […]

Is investing a good career option? – An analysis

Trading and investing are often approached as entry-level professions. In most cases, they aren’t even considered a profession, let alone be a career option. However, with the diversity and options, it offers, trading now is done in many ways, has a variety of types and is widely done on a daily basis for a living. […]

Credit card vs Personal loan: The key differences

credit card vs personal loan

While credit card loan and personal loan, both are suitable methods of borrowing money, the difference between the both is quite significant and enough to make you weigh the pros and cons. Whether you are borrowing a personal loan or just using your credit card, you are going to have a repayment period that you […]

Why did Zomato’s shares underperform: An analysis

The shares of Zomato had a spectacular launch on the local market.  A large number of investors were ready to place large bets on new-age technology businesses that exhibited the hallmarks of a revolutionary business model.  On April 28, 2021, the food delivery website, Zomato, filed its Draft Red Herring Prospectus (DRHP) with the market […]