India’s sinking towns are concerning

If potholes between roads aren’t scary enough, welcome to a country with massive sinking potholes that are enough to gobble up your cars and your buildings all at once. This is a tale that Joshimath, a town in Uttrakhand with a population of 20000 people is witnessing right now. The roads, buildings, towns, and temples […]

The credit card hassle and how RBI ‘kind of’ stopped it?

If you have ever wanted a credit card, you know how easy it is now. With fintech products like Slice Pay, PostPe, or Uni cards, it’s so easy to issue a credit line for yourself and borrow money.   Over the last few years, this credit line is something that almost every working or studying […]

Despite being the cheapest car in India, why did Tata Nano fail?

Back in 2008 when Tata introduced its first-ever ‘extremely economical and affordable’ car that almost every household in India could try to get their hands on, everybody was stoked.   After all, why not, right?   A car a ₹1 lac! That’s such a great price, especially for anybody who has been struggling to buy […]

The TikTok tentacles towards the west

Back in 2020 when the pandemic was entering almost every household in India and we had just gotten comfortable with watching TikTok the entire day, the government announced a ban on the app in India. The ban still hasn’t been revoked and the TikTok platform continues to battle just to enter India once again. While […]

The Adani Group is in debt and needs your money

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The Adani Group, despite its popularity, is in debt. And this debt has only doubled over the last five years.    Back in 2017, the Adani group was in debt of ₹1 lakh crore. Fast forward to 2022, the enterprise has a debt of ₹2.2 lakh crores. This is because of their expansion in industries […]

Bisleri – The perfect candidate with gaps in its resume


How many times has it been that you have bought a ₹10 or ₹20 water bottle? And why is it that 90% of the time is it a bottle of water turned out to be manufactured by Bisleri? Most of us consider water as synonymous with Bisleri. In fact, the name is so popular that […]

How to make a $100 billion investment with no assurance of returns?

Metaverse… NFTs… Web 3.0…   All of these things seem like a trend that we kind of got used to hearing back in April, yet we weren’t even paying attention to it by May.   And of course, why should we? After all, you are looking at an ‘asset’ that is in development and still […]

Where are the tech IPOs?

tech ipos

At the start of this year, we reached out to you with some news.    This news was that companies like boAt and PharmEasy were all geared up to announce their IPOs. Fast forward to now, there is still no word from any of these companies as to when (or if) they would even release […]

Is China undergoing an economic crisis?

china economic downfall

What’s common between Uber, China, and WeWork? All these entities seem to be undergoing a drastic financial turmoil, one that has been affecting the entire economy of the world.   China’s economy is in trouble right now. The national and international debt is at an all-time high and the Chinese government is delaying the issuance […]